MBB was formed in the last quarter of 2016. Mary is a nurse with great vision and a huge heart. It has been her dream since a small child to travel on a mission trip overseas.She was ordained as a minister in September of 2016 and her path began to line up with her heart's desire to serve God's people. God has called her to make a difference here in the United States before she leaves to another continent to fulfill her dream of being a missionary. After a short time of fasting and prayer, Mary was lead to start a food pantry to help with the upcoming holiday season. Mary was able to collect enough canned food and other staples, with the help of two local ministries. Word of Peace International Ministries and Kingdom Living helped Mary supersede her goal of 25 families for the Thanksgiving Holiday. She was able to help 21 dialysis families, 1 family in Houston and 5 Arlington families. This was the beginning of a fire that now burns deeply inside of her. She has continued to help families and dialysis patients, even after the holidays ended. It is the goal of MBB to help the homeless every month along with dialysis patients and those experiencing difficult times. With the support of her church family and the community, Mary Continues to strive each day to make a difference in someone's life. Please consider partnering with MBB. A donation of any size is appreciated. A 100% of all donations goes directly to helping someone in need.

Thank You for your support